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Pallet Racks

AIT Industrial Shelving & Racking Fort Lauderdale, FL

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To work around heavy loads are pallets can be time consuming to move around by hand, so come get a high quality Forklift from A.I.T. Our forklifts are here for you, the customer. Pallet Racks and Forklifts goes hand-in-hand, thats why we are your one-stop shop when it comes to warehouse supplies and equipment!

A.I.T. carries forklifts specifically catered to increase productivity and efficiency in your warehouse. From gas forklifts to electric to the almighty propane, we make sure we get what you need tp satisfy your objectives and goals. With forklifts varying in weight capacities, forks length, side shifts, and forks heights, just tell us what you need and we will get what will suit you!

Whatever you are lifting, moving, stacking, selecting, and organizing our forklifts will help you get the job done!
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