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Pallet Racking Systems & Components

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Warehouse Pallet Racking

A.I.T. Industrial Shelving, Racks & Equipment, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Conveniently located close to I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. We deliver nationwide and install pallet racking anywhere in the state of Florida.

A.I.T. Industrial Shelving, Racks & Equipment has for sale both New & Used Warehouse Rack Systems, All Pallet Racking Components including Horizontal Beams & Vertical Uprights, Warehouse Shelving Systems, Warehouse Storage Equipment, Warehouse Racks, Industrial Racks, Steel Shelving, and much more.
With over 25 years of providing our customers both excellent pricing and excellent racking recommendations. Industrial Pallet Rack & Equipment® Inc. knows how frustrating it can be knowing your warehouse or industrial facility isn't organized as efficiently as it should be. We offer a large variety of new and used warehouse rack systems and components for differing needs, warehouse material handling systems, and all the warehouse racking accessories to solve any obstacles you may run into. By installing the right pallet rack system in your facility, you will create a high-density storage system with plenty of capacity and easier access to stored warehouse loads. We offer everything from simple pallet rack systems to more innovative complex storage solutions, all at fair prices.

We provide easy guidance to help you select the warehouse pallet racks that are best for your business. We know the industry inside-out and are prepared to give you some of the best advice on warehouse storage systems. We help design, specify and coordinate installation projects with our fast and easy service to get you the pallet racking you need
Pallet rack systems are used in both industrial and warehouse-type facilities for materials that have been palletized or bundled and need to be stored, transferred, or shipped. The use of pallet rack systems allows the facility to maximize the vertical warehousing space that would normally have gone unused. Palletized products will now go multiple stories high utilizing all the vertical space available. We supply complete pallet rack systems and pallet rack components. Honest help for a specific customer's needs. We are determined to provide all of our customers with the best price, service, and quality.

Pallet Racking systems like the popular Teardrop Pallet Rack or Selective Pallet Racking (also referred to as selective pallet racks), are two easily installed warehouse pallet racking methods. To enlarge an existing pallet rack system we can provide you the correct pallet rack beams and pallet racking uprights along with many choices of warehouse shelving. The most popular is wire mesh decking. Safety is our number one priority so we know every pallet rack system we sell to you is American-made and the best quality available.  Our well-designed durable racking options are guaranteed to store your materials and products while producing a fluid, well-organized, and functioning warehouse. 

When we first start working with a new customer, we need to figure out what type of racking is needed. With a number of different warehouse rack designs available, the most important step is to figure out exactly what type of racking will work best for the customer's purpose? Just a few of the specifics that dictate the customer's best racking choice include necessary pallet flow, the direction of placement onto the rack, and the direction of removal off of the rack.

Well, designed Warehouse Racking Systems are usually deep, allowing for a large number of pallets or cartons to be stored at once. Necessary material handling equipment includes a forklift to remove and replace loaded pallets from the racking. Open on all sides, pallet rack systems are a great choice when you must be able to access all the goods on the rack without having to shift other items around.

With our numerous pallet rack options, we can help you design a safety-first, quality, pallet rack unit. The most popular type sold nationwide is the Teardrop Pallet Rack System. Another popular simple pallet rack style is called Selective Pallet Racking. Other warehouse pallet racking styles include the Push Back Pallet Racking System, Double Deep Pallet Racks, Pallet Flow Racks, Cantilever Racking, Mobile Racking, Mezzanine Racking, Keystone Racking, Gravity Racking, Drive-In Racking, and Rivet Racking. You can see it is widely diverse pallet racking designs all designed for specific loading and unloading needs. We offer both New and Used pallet racks, in multiple sizes and styles. We carry racks in light-duty and heavy-duty, so no matter the weight of products you are stocking, we provide the correct and safest racking with the proper weight capacities. We have some of the best Warehouse Solutions available! For more warehouse help call (954)205-4071


When adding on to an existing pall rack system you must know what pallet racking you own. Compare the ends of your own pallet racking to our chart and you will know exactly what type of racking you own. Click HERE to see the most common styles of pallet racks available so we can help you get your warehouse ready for your ever-growing business.

Do not see the racking, racking accessories, or racking components you need? Contact Us! We have your pallet racking in our warehouse waiting for you to purchase. Any and every racking component is accessible through us, so we can promise you the best service and smooth process to get your business thriving.

Full Service (Installation & Delivery)

As a Dealer/Distributor we provide full service to get the products to your location and installed quickly so you can start utilizing your space right away!

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