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Shelf Dividers

Having Pallet Rack Shelf Dividers can be pivotal when storing individual items, bins, containers, and boxes onto your pallet racking system. With a variety of different styles of dividers such as M-Dividers, V-Dividers, and D-Dividers, they are all easy to snap on and install to the wire decks so you can start organizing faster by doing less work and a happy mind. 

Shelf Dividers are shown to be especially important when identifying and sorting out different SKUs. Organization is key to helping your business grow, and by purchasing these shelf dividers it will only allow you to grow more as it is easier and more accessible to get the products/items you need. Vertical Dividers are a great easy, simple way to help categorize and separate items. As they snap on to the wire decks there is no need to disassemble them afterwards as they are very light and easy to move around especially on the wire decks. 

Shelf Dividers are measured based on the depth of your upright. This ensures that every item is separated and does not get easily mixed. They work with all existing racking systems which makes them versatile and even a bigger need!

M- and V-Dividers are a great effective way to divide large items such as large boxes, doors, pipe, windows, mattresses, wood, pic, rebar, lengthy, tall, big items and more! These types of dividers snap onto the beams of the pallet rack system to maintain its position while also adding strength to it if any large items are leaning on the divider. Sizes vary based on the length of the items or space in between the two shelves. As they are names, these dividers are shaped as a M and V. V Dividers are fave down and M dividers and faced out to the aisle with rounded edges to prevent any injuries from occurring. V Dividers hang down from the beams onto of the designated shelf and M Dividers are attached to the rear beams of the two closest shelves specified by its length. They can be bolted onto the beams for extra support and stability.

D-Dividers are the snap-on dividers to the wire mesh stick up to divides smaller items and boxes. The come in smaller sizes and are made to specified depth of the shelf.

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