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Pallet Rack Uprights

Uprights serves an importance as to how many shelves and items you are able to stock in the pallet racking systems. The uprights stands at the basis of your pallet racking systems and is key to allowing you to expand your storage system. The height of your ceiling is important to determine the height of the upright you desire to go. Remember, you are not only paying for the floor in your warehouse, but also the space in between the floor and ceiling, and our uprights are there to make sure you use that space.

The durability and strength of our uprights are outstanding and can hold multiple shelves at many different weight capacities. The uprights are made to evenly distribute the weight across the floor to allow more to be stocked on the system.

Our Uprights and Racking System is the best heavy-duty racking solution for your warehouse and industrial needs.

Contact Us through our page or give us a call at (954)205-4071.

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