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Pallet Supports

Do you want to prevent pallets of products collapsing and falling? Do you want to be able to stock your pallets without having it bend and not being able to use it again? Want to make sure your racking is durable and strong? Pallet Supports are the items you need!

Pallet Supports are tough, long-lasting metal bars stretched across the beams to support and reinforce the pallet placed on it and the pallet rack system as a whole. They fit into the step of the beam to be secured as you now have the ability to safely story pallet and large materials without any concern of them falling through. 
Most common sizes are 36", 42" and 48" as they are made to the specified depth of the upright. This also makes placing the pallet very easy as it will slowly slide into place as well if need be while weight being distributed and supported.

Pallet Supports are also a great addition to decrease and minimize the chances of your pallets to bend and deflect. By having your pallets bend and deflect, it highly increases the chance of your pallets to break, fall apart, and endangering your workers. Such a severe consequence should be treated with the utmost safety feature. Pallet Supports are cost efficient and easy to install and they drop right in. Pallet Supports are also great as they bring and hold the beams and structure together. This eliminate the probability of your racking system to bend at an angle, or in other words help keeps the structure to be straight.

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