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Pallet Stoppers

Pallet Stoppers are made to help stop pallets from being jammed into one another when having two pallet racking systems back to back. Pallet Stoppers help prevent damaged to the pallet and products that are on it from hitting anything behind the pallet. It is a great product to keep pallet very organized and easily accessible. Typically pallets are pushed too far back, so this is a great product to purchase for the safety of your employees and prevention from damaged products.

There are multiple types of pallet stoppers with the two most common being Pallet Rack Flue Spaces and Pallet Load Stops.

The Flue Spaces are a specific pallet stopper that is placed in-between two racking rows therefore pallets on both sides will not come in contact and provides a sharable stopper. Typically in back-to-back rows pallets can get jammed against one another, allowing for products to fall, get damage, or even block other pallets. The Flue Spaces allows even spacing between the rows and stops the event of products and items getting dislodged. 

Pallet Load Stoppers is very unique in its design and carries exact standard measurements to ensure no products or pallets are damaged. It adds a protective layer throughout an entire section that can stop the pallet from being pushed too far at any point. The protective layer helps with employee safety and inventory loss.

A great feature bout the pallet stoppers is that they are highly recommended by fire safety personnel. In case of a fire, the stoppers give space between rows and aisle which allows fire suppression and sprinklers to do their job as the pallet are pushed too far back and will not allow the fire to grow upwards, in the process destroying inventory.

These Pallet Stoppers are a unique and very well designed stopper to do the job it is suppose to do. The Pallet Stoppers prevents pallets from hitting one another, pushing another pallet off in an event which could fall on someone, and is highly recommended and a great safety feature in case of a fire.

This versatile products increases productivity and is highly effective while being safe. If you are looking for all those features this is a product for you!

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