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Gondola Shelving

Gondola Shelving

Retail Store Fixtures

If you are looking to have a premier display that can show your retail products perfectly, Gondola Shelving is exactly what you need. Gondola shelving units are designed to your needs, space and are configurable to any size room. Gondola displays are a unique system that allows it to fit anywhere from small stores to large supermarkets. 

Our shelves are modular, making them easily built and flexible to attach in multiple ways to fit your desired area to display your products and items. 


Step 1: Choose between Double Sided, Wall Unit, or End Cap (see picture below what each unit looks like)

Step 2: Measure out the total length of the space the gondola shelving will be placed

Step 3: Determine the height you would like to go

Step 4: Determine the desired length of your base. Reminder the base of the gondola shelving counts and a shelf level as well

Step 5: Decide how many shelving you would like to add

Step 6: Decide the length of your shelves.

With this information on hand we will be able to assist you further to make and provide you with the best gondola shelving there is for you! Our high quality gondola shelving will serve its purpose once it gets to you and is made to display your items and products phenomenally. The information for the gondola shelving is very critical to ensure customer satisfaction with great usability and versatility when assembled.

All Gondola Shelving made to your measurements, varying from style, length, base length, number of shelves, shelves depth, and runs. This allows for the best display shelving you can have to make your products/items more attractive and sellable. Styles come in as Double Sided, Wall Units, and End Caps. Go to our contact page or give us a call today to get the ultimate display shelving you can have! Call @ (954)205-4071.
End Cap/Aisle End
Double-Sided/Island Unit
Double-Sided/Island Unit
Wall Unit
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