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Row Spacers Wall Brackets

Row Spacers and Wall Brackets are important to have and maintain functionality and a safe workspace while in and around you pallet racking, pallet racks. Both the row spacers (also known as flue spacers) and wall brackets (also known as wall ties), helps provide stability and keeps the racking system in place. These are important and helpful when placing pallets on them as some may push their pallets too far back. With the spacer or wall in place it will help decrease the chance of hitting other pallets and the wall. The spacers and bracket prove important with the addition of our pallet stoppers as it give space to have the stoppers. Click here for more information about our pallet stoppers. Read more about our Row Spacers and Wall Brackets to fully understand their versatility and its importance to you.

Row Spacers: All row spacers have a main reason for existing, it is to maintain a dedicated space between rows of pallet racking. If you plan to have multiple rows of pallet racking that are back to back, more than likely row spacers are essential to you. The row spaces are made to create a longitudinal space in-between the racks, which can be important when it comes to fire department code compliance. They also added stability and alignment for the rows of racks as they are able be maintained and not easily movable if any equipment ends up making contact with the racks. It is great to maintain safety and prevent inventory damages as well.

Wall Brackets: Wall Brackets also provide increased stability and safety. They are as similar as the row spacers but are used to be secured against a wall. Wall Brackets allow code compliance as well as can help keep the racks in place when collided with any equipment. They also provide a cushion in case the pallets are pushed too far back that they break into the wall.

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