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Pallet Racking Systems & Components

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Upright Protectors

Afraid of having your nice, clean, and strong pallet racking system intact? Want to eliminate the chances of spending more money than you have to on damages to your racking system? Then our Upright Protectors are here for you!

Upright Protectors will help prevent the risk of damaging your uprights and racking system. It has been shown that racking systems get damaged heavily due to forklifts, forks, and other equipment ramming into the the uprights, heavily increasing the chances of failure and collapsing onto your warehouse crew. This system is made to be kept upright, durable, and sturdy. To prevent such scenarios it is always best to purchase our upright protectors to ensure safe warehouse conditions no matter what accidents may happen. 

Upright Protectors protect the integrity of the uprights and prevent damages at the bottom. It can be free standing and also has an option to be bolted down to the floor. 

Make sure your racking is protected today with our durable, strong, quality upright protectors that will prevent unnecessary damages, dents, destruction. Our protectors comes both in metal and plastic.

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