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Pallet Racks

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Pallet Racks New and Used

Pallet Racks New and Used  In Stock

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Pallet Racks and Pallet Racking are in stock in both new and used at Industrial Shelving Racks & Equipment.  For most sizes, we have both new & used pallet racks, rack components, and pallet rack safety accessories in stock. If you require a less popular pallet rack component our vast network of suppliers will supply whatever you need.

Pallet racks are used in both industrial and warehouse-type facilities for materials that have been palletized or bundled and need to be stored, transferred, or shipped. Also called a pallet rack system, or pallet racking, or warehouse shelving, or warehouse racking, the use of pallet racks allows the facility to maximize the vertical warehousing space that would normally have gone unused. Palletized products will now go multiple stories high utilizing all the vertical space available in the warehouse.

By utilizing the proper warehouse pallet racking along with proper material handling solutions, your pallet racks will provide you with organized warehouse space, that is easily accessible with reduced clutter, will both accommodate growth, and improve your worker's productivity.

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Used Pallet Racking In Stock

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Pallet Racks and pallet rack components are often available used. Used pallet racking does come with many drawbacks. The only drawback to New Pallet Racking is the high cost of buying the new equipment. You can save money buying used or "refurbished" racking, but be careful because there are a number of pitfalls when purchasing used or "refurbished" pallet racks or used pallet rack components.  

You may locate a warehouse storage company that because of downsizing or closing has used pallet racks for sale. Unfortunately buying used pallet racks or purchasing used pallet rack components is often a bad idea. Buying used pallet racking directly from the previous user is never a smart move because you do not have the proper equipment to ensure the used racking is in a safe condition.

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Since the majority of warehouse pallet racking is made from steel it has the possibility of a long life. As long as the pallet racks are in good condition there is no risk in buying used pallet rack components.  But if the racking has ever been exposed to moisture and has even a small amount of rust pass on the purchase.
 Rust will continue to decrease the strength and safety of the pallet racking. If there is even a little bit of rust, it is very likely to spread damaging the structural integrity of the rack component.

Therefore it only makes sense to purchase used pallet racking when it has been closely inspected for any amount of rust, microscopic cracks, bends, or fitment issues. Or even better is to buy new America-made racking.

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A.I.T. Industrial Shelving & Racking is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where we offer for sale both new pallet racks and used pallet racks. We have new and used pallet racking in stock, with more stock arriving shipping out just about every day. If you need used Pallet Racking, refurbished Selective Racking, an extension to your existing racking, or racking components for your own High-Density Pallet Rack System A.I.T. Industrial Shelving and Racking will provide just what you need at the right price and fast!. 

Suppliers of both new and used material handling equipment such as warehouse racking for over 25 years now. The majority of our competitors sell poor-quality used pallet racking and poor-quality refurbished pallet racks. At A.I.T. we offer our customers only perfect quality used pallet racks that have passed our microscopic inspection process. If you purchase new racking components you are GUARANTEED MADE IN THE USA. Our competitors continue to sell poor-fitting, poor-quality racking components from places like China or Vietnam. 

Pallet Rack, Pallet Racks & Pallet Racking

A.I.T. Industrial Shelving & Racking designs and installs all over Florida. No job too large or too small

When we first start working with a new customer, we need to figure out what type of racking is needed. With a number of different warehouse rack designs available, the most important step is to figure out exactly what type of racking will work best for the customer's purpose? Just a few of the specifics that dictate the customer's best racking choice include necessary pallet flow, the direction of placement onto the rack, and the direction of removal off of the rack.

Top 15 Considerations for Your Warehouse Racking Installation -  industrialshelving.com

Well-designed Warehouse Racking Systems are usually deep, allowing for a large number of pallets or cartons to be stored at once. Necessary material handling equipment includes a forklift to remove and replace loaded pallets from the racking. Open on all sides, pallet rack systems are a great choice when you must be able to access all the goods on the rack without having to shift other items around.

Take Control of Your Warehouse Space

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A.I.T. Industrial Shelving Racks & Equipment has over 25 years of providing our customers with both excellent pricing, excellent racking recommendations, and excellent service.  We know how frustrating it can be knowing your warehouse or industrial facility isn't organized as efficiently as it should be. We offer a large variety of new and used pallet rack systems and pallet rack components for differing needs, warehouse material handling systems, and all the warehouse racking accessories to solve any obstacles you may run into. By installing a pallet rack system in your facility, you will create a high-density storage system with plenty of capacity and easier access to stored loads. We offer everything from simple pallet rack systems to more innovative complex storage solutions, all at fair prices.

There are two types of pallet rack component construction, the difference being the weight the components are designed to support. 

Roll-Formed Racks

Roll-formed racks 
strength is derived from the rolled (bent) shape. It uses less steel than the second type which is called structural steel bolt-together racking. Structural Bolt-together configuration is made of heavy strength steel all the components are formed by casting molten steel, with reinforced channels. The structural bolt-together configuration is thicker and employs a stronger construction than what's found in roll-formed pallet rack designs. Structural bolt-together pallet racks have 4 inch centered holes and use strong steel bolts as connectors. Strong and sturdy, more impact resistant than any roll-formed steel racking.

Freezer and Cold-Storage Pallet Rack - Refrigerated Warehousing

Roll-formed racks are a less expensive option than the much stronger form of pallet rack component construction called Structural Racks but are the perfect choice when the storage items are not extremely heavy. Commonly seen holes in the roll-formed racks can be a keyhole shape, a teardrop shape, or a square shape. The shape of the hole is very important when trying to purchase more equipment of the same type. We always suggest bringing a piece of the roll-formed racking along.

Structural Racking

Structural Racking is the second type of pallet rack component construction. Structural rack components are made by hot-rolling raw iron into thick, low-gauge steel pallet rack components that are bolted together. This process creates high-quality, heavy-channel steel that can hold heavy pallets and withstand harsh conditions, such as lift truck impact.

Setting Up a Racking System

There Are Two Methods of Setting Up a Racking System. There are flow rack systems designed to provide for a "FIRST IN, FIRST OUT" manner of storage. It is referred to as the "FIFO" method. In a FIFO design, loading is done from one side and products are pulled off the racks from the other side. A good example of First In First Out material handling equipment is a refrigerated system for Gallon containers of milk. The milk is loaded from the higher end with the first to be loaded being the soonest to expire. Set up gravity feed to make product removal much easier, the milk is removed from the lower end where the closest to the expiration date will be the first to be removed.

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