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Pallet Rack Beams

Under Construction
Beams are an essential part of your racking system to ensure the durability, strength, and maintain the weight load of your items. Without the beams there is no racking system. That is why choosing your desired beam length and weigh capacity is so crucial as it revolves around safety. The comes in multiple weight capacities and gauges to ensure you and your heaviest items are safe. Always know what weight capacity you will need based on the total amount of the heaviest weight you plan to place per shelf. 

Easy to install as they click and lock right in. 

They easily adjust at every 2.5 inches for easy fixtures depending on sizes of items being stocked as well as easily to adjust yourself. All NEW beams comes with a clip-lock with them as an extra measure to ensure that the beam is locked into the upright for safety and assurance

We carry beams in multiple lengths from 4 feet to 12 feet and multiple weight capacities from 1700lbs to 7000lbs. We have the pallet rack beams you need to stock your heavy and light duty items so you can make more space to grow even more!

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