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Pallet Racking Systems

Do you want to maximize your space? Do you stock items and/or products? Is your warehouse a mess and disorganized? 

If you answered yes, to any of the previous questions then a pallet racking system is made for you!

Pallet Racks are the most popular racking system used in the warehouse storage solutions & material handling industry. This racking system will truly let you maximize your entire warehouse, creating rows and many levels. You can start from 8ft high and go as high as you would like, even 20ft and above! Here at A.I.T. we sell some of the most efficient and strongest racking around!

Pallet Racks are sold in separate pieces. Sizes vary in height, length, and depth. We provide any type and style of racking you are looking for such as rivet racking, teardrop racking, keystone, drive in, flow, boltless racking and many more!

Pallet Racks, Pallet Racking, and Warehouse Shelving not only vary in sizes but they also vary from styles and make. The industry contains over 25 pallet racking styles, making it more important for us to assist you for a smooth and easy process. Our Pallet Racking Identification Guide below list the most common styles available. By scrolling through and identifying your racking it will help us get the required racking you need to help stock your products and grow your business faster! Click HERE to identify the racking you currently have.

Whether you are looking for Boltless Racking, Pushback Racking, Selective Racking to Drive-In Racks and Mezzanine Racking Systems, we will get the racking that best suites you and your needs. Our products range in many different sizes so you can fit your inventory and products in the space desired. 

Do not know what you need? Take the appropriate measurements such as height, depth, and length in the area you want to position the rack. Once you have your measurements give us a call @ 954-205-4071 or go to our "Contact" page and connect with us so we can guide you through every step to get the essential racking you need.

Need Used Pallet Racking? Used Storage Shelving? Used Metal Shelving? Our large stockpile of Used Racking is made available for each and every customer to weigh their options on racking that is pivotal to them. Click here for further information on used racking.

To identify your pallet racking style, click here.

Guide To Choose Racking System:

Step 1: Measure the TOTAL length of the space you plan to place the racking system

Step 2: Measure how far (depth) out from the wall you want the racking to be

Step 3: Measure the height of your ceiling 

Step 4: Determine the maximum weight of one pallet or the maximum weight you plan to put per shelf

Every customer requires a different, personal customization. Once you get these few pieces of information give us a call and we will be more happy to assist you!
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